At the moment every bottle goes through my hands to ensure a high standard. Due to the handmade process slight variations may occur and make every bottle unique.

100% Handmade

My bottles are made of glass and bamboo and are therefore recyclable. As much as I can I try to keep unnecessary packaging waste to a minimum and use recycled paper instead of plastic. The recycling process requires 30% less water and energy compared to the commercial production process.


Why another organic beauty shop?

I went through the experience of having bad skin and the trouble of finding a brand and product which I can trust. Even though I did a lot of research it was very hard to find suitable cosmetic product that delivered what it promised.

Some claim to be organic but one look at the long ingredients list reveals quite frankly the opposite. Or the brand claims to work in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way but then uses a lot of unneeded plastic packaging or doesn´t pay a fair price to the farmers. Or the products get tested on animals, etc.

I thought a lot about these reasons and wondered why nobody tries to make it better, to actually meet what is said on the back of each product.


My philosophy?!

  • Quality over quantity

  • Transparency

  • Fair trade

  • Sustainability


This way it serves everybody, the local farmers, the importer (in this case me) and the consumers. I also co-operate with sustainable farms to ensure that we can enjoy these precious sources now and in the future.

My Marula and Baobab Oil are wild harvested. This means, the oil is derived from fruits of wildly growing trees in Southern Africa.

Fun Fact:

The Beauty 

Of Nature

Why are my oils more cost-intensive than most common oils?

Since I only offer high quality oils which are not diluted and because it is fair trade my oils cost slightly more than conventional products.


My own personal highlights, you ask?

  • Simplicity in design

  • Practical in use (if as carry-on on an airplane or in a ladies purse, it will fit)

  • 100% pure, vegan and not tested on animals

  • No chemical additives

  • No unnecessary packaging waste (besides what is necessary for transport )

  • One care product for the entire body

  • Suitable for women and men

It all started with my first stay in South Africa, when I lost my heart to this beautiful country. I fell back in love with nature and never wanted to leave again.

Well, I had to leave but decided to take a little bit of South Africa home with me- my new business idea was born. Ever since, I have been trying to nurture it and make it grow to be able to give something back to the local community and a country that inspired me so much.


founder of green planet . COSMETICS .



And remember

-True Beauty Comes From Within

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