-Nigelle Sativa-


This precious oil, which has its origin in the Middle East, has been a natural remedy for over 2000 years. A bottle of Nigella Sativa oil was found in Tutankhamun´s tomb. But he was not the only one knowing of the exceptional properties of Black Cumin Oil. Cleopatra and Nefertiti went both down in history as most beautiful women in Egypt and both women used this oil in their beauty routine. And Prophet Muhammed once said: "Use this Black Seed, it has a cure for every disease except death".

Black Cumin Oil has many skin benefits if applied externally. It nourishes the skin and can reduce oily skin and clogged pores without leaving a greasy film as it is non comedogenic. Black Cumin Oil is rich in essential fatty acids which provide the skin with deep and long lasting moisture. It can help to restore and improve the regeneration of your skin. It´s also packed with powerful and active ingredients such as minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc and vitamins like folic acid, vitamin A, B, C and biotin, which make it an all-rounder for beautiful skin, hair and nails.




I prefer putting it onto my skin directly. If you prefer to mix it into a daily skin care cream I recommend choosing an organic cream base. As ingredients of conventional products are often packed with micro plastic and preservatives (to only name a few) which can leave a film on your skin which makes it hard for your skin to absorb the natural oils properly.

Both works and it only depends on your very own preferences.

For best results I recommend using organic handmade soaps to complement your daily skin care routine.

It can help to treat eczema and acne due to its non-comedogenic properties. This oil is an excellent moisturizer for face, body, hands, nails and feet. If you would to treat your skin with an extra portion of goodness rub Black Cumin Oil in while your skin is still damp to enhance absorbation.


Massaging a few drops of Black Cumin Oil onto your scalp can help reduce a dry and itchy feeling. I recommend leaving it in over night to avoid greasy hair.

Your dry ends need a treat? Apply one pump of oil to the dry ends of your hair.


Those are only a few suggestions how I love to use this oil. Since we have all different preferences you might want to use it differently, which is perfectly fine.

Here's a tip from a happy customer. As she works as nurse she constantly struggles with dry and sensitive skin due to washing and sanitizing her hands multiple times a day.

After using our Black Cumin Oil and Baobab Oil she stopped experiencing very dry and cracked hands- which makes me very happy!

I hope you enjoy experimenting with my oils!

  • nourishes

  • reduces oily skin and clogged pores

  • moisturizes

  • anti-inflammatory

  • anti-comedogenic

  • can help with itchy & dry scalp

  • all skin types

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