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Organic Baobab Oil

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Baobab- The Tree of Life.

"Baobab Tree" captured by my friend and stunning photographer Ernst Heusser


The baobab tree, which is native to Eastern and Southern Africa, is also known as the “Tree of Life” as it provides human and animal inhabitants with shelter, water, clothing and food. These trees can exceed over 1000 years of age.

Derived from the nutritious fruit, Baobab Oil is a rare, golden oil which absorbs quickly without clogging pores or leaving an oily film on your skin.

Fun Fact

The white baobab flower blooms at night and falls after only 24h of heyday. The fruit arises from the white flower and takes about 6 month to grow to a super fruit. This picture shows the 3 different stages of growth.

Baobab Fruit, Baobab flower, blooming baobab flower, ernst heusser photography
Thanks to Ernst Heusser for sharing this beautiful image with us.


The Baobab Oil I use is not only organically grown, but also falls into the "wild harvested" category. In other words, the oil is derived from fruits of wildly growing trees in Southern Africa.

Nutrient-Rich Baobab Pulp


Organic Baobab Oil is rich in palmitic acid, linolec acid and oleic acids, which make it an ideal skin treatment for dry and mature skin. It is highly valued for it's regenerative, moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties.

This luxurious skin oil seals in moisture and leaves your skin velvety- smooth, whilst supporting its protective barrier.

organic baobab oil skin, organic baobab oil cold pressed, vegan skincare products green palnet cosmetics, natural anti-aging skincare


"In cold temperatures untreated and pure Baobab Oil becomes solid, similar to coconut oil. But don't worry it's completely natural and shows that you hold an all natural and pure product in your hands. As soon as temperatures again it'll liquify again. A warm bathroom or a warm (not hot!) water bath does the trick."


organic baobab oil cold pressed, skin oil anti-aging, green planet cosmetics


Pure and organic baobab oil contains a balanced blend of essential fatty acids, including omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9. These fatty acids play a significant role in maintaining the skin's barrier function. A strong and intact skin barrier helps prevent excessive moisture loss, keeps irritants out, and supports the skin's ability to heal itself. Omega-3 fatty acids, in particular, have anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in calming and soothing irritated skin, facilitating the healing process.


Ideal for:

  • dry skin

  • mature skin

  • sensitive skin

  • pregnancy oil

  • baby's bath oil (1-2 drops into the bathing water)

  • make up remover

  • nourishes dry and cracked lips, elbows, cuticles and heels

  • can help to prevent scars and stretch marks

  • beard oil

  • after-shave oil

  • tattoo aftercare oil


Natural Make-Up Remover

natural skincare travel size, natural skin oils, narural hair oil, green planet cosmetics

It makes an excellent make up remover. All you need is warm water, natural soap and at least two re-usable pads (where possible), depending on how much make up you would like to remove. Here is how I like to proceed:

Wash your face with warm water and soap, this already removes a lot of make up. Add a bit of oil onto the cotton pad and gently remove the remaining make up from top to bottom.

After, you can either leave your face how it is or wash it again with mild soap.

I have tried both and both works perfectly fine.




Massage directly into your clean and damp skin. To achieve the optimum results, incorporate the pure luxury of natural soap into your daily routine. A few drops of this exquisite organic Baobab Oil Serum, crafted from 100% botanical essence, is all you will need to keep your skin nourished and healthy.


Baobab Oil enjoys widespread popularity as a premium beard oil in South Africa. For a soothing post-shave or as general treatment for irritated skin, gently massage 1-2 drops of this remarkable Oil to damp skin. Allowing it to be gently absorbed with a calming touch.


Those are only a few suggestions how to incorporate organic baobab oil into your skincare routine. Since we have all different preferences you might want to use it differently, which is perfectly fine.

organic baobab oil cold pressed, natural skincare products vegan, natural moisturizer, green planet cosmetics


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