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DIY Rescue Balm

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

SOS Skincare for dry lips and damaged skin.


  • high grade olive oil

  • raw beeswax from happy bees

  • glass or tin jar


Yes, one could call it lip balm but it is so much more than that!! The beautiful ingredients make it a natural rescue balm for all skin types. It's not only a wonderful lip care balm but also great to treat very dry or damaged skin areas. It's almost like an invisible healing "plaster", as the 100% natural ingredients create a protective barrier towards the external environment, whilst maintaining a breathable layer. This is very beneficial as it supports your skins natural healing process.


My recipe is based on 100g, so one can reduce it easily.

For 100g olive oil-beeswax balm you need:

diy lippenpflege, lip balm selber machen

For the balm

  • 85g high grade olive oil

  • 15g raw, yellow beeswax*

  • small and clean, jars for filling

For the process

  • scale

  • heat-resistant glass to melt wax

  • a pot with water

Measure the oil and wax. Fill the pot with enough water to cover the heat-resistant glass about halfway. Place the beeswax into it and heat the water to around 70 degrees Celsius/158F. Or let the water boil and once it's boiling set it to the lowest level. Wait for the wax to melt, then take the glass out of the water. Let it cool down for a few minutes.

Pour the olive oil into the still warm and liquid wax and mix thoroughly. Then fill the jars with the liquid. But beware, if you are too slow, you risk that the wax becomes solid again and cannot be poured properly. If this happens, place the glass back in the pot of water and re-heat very gently. Please do not boil (!) as olive oil does not tolerate these hot temperatures well. Close the jars tightly and label them with the date and ingredients. Leave it in a cool place overnight and let it sit. And ready is your rescue balm!

*If you prefer a softer balm use only half the amount of beeswax and replace the rest with olive oil.




Correctly used 100% natural essential oils are indispensable for natural medicine purposes. In the plant world, essential oils are used to fight off pests or to attract insects. And they can also have an either positive or negative effect on our organism.

When used precisely, they support our body in healing, relaxation and can relieve pain. falsely dosed, they have the opposite effect and can cause allergies and skin irritation. That's why it's important to pay attention to a couple of things:

l) Quality- Make sure that it comes from a trusted source and that it really is what it says it is.

ll) The dosage makes poison out of medicine and vice versa - Pay attention to an exact dosage. And keep in mind, less is here more beneficial.



Since we are taking in an infinite number of scents every day (detergents in clothing and bed linen, creams, shower gels and styling products, perfume, etc.), I like to give my nose and skin a break. That's why I avoid using extra fragrances wherever it's not necessary.

If you like, you can of course add essential oils to the rescue balm. These are blended into the wax together with the olive oil.



On my Tutorial page you can already find more DIY recipe ideas which include all sorts of varieties.

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