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Holistic Skincare Explained: How to Achieve Healthy, Balanced Skin

Updated: Jun 25

Explore the benefits of holistic skincare and discover how natural products, a healthy diet, and stress management can improve your skin's health and balance.

What Is Holistic Skincare?

To answer this, let's look at the word "holistic" and what it actually means.



Many people roll their eyes when they hear 'holistic' and think of running around hugging trees or barely dressed women in floaty gowns, smudging everything to remove negative energy.

Holistic skincare has nothing to do with this at all.

I mean, knock yourself out if you love it-do it. It surely doesn't hurt anybody.

I View Holistic Skincare Or a Holistic Lifestyle Approach As Follows:

Instead of solely concealing and fighting the symptoms, start searching for the source of the imbalance and then rebalance it

A very plain and simple example in regards to skincare products is this one: If you experience dry, itchy, sensitive, or red skin, it's in most cases not the skin with a problem but instead:

- the daily skincare products you use actually do more harm than good and your skin is struggling to keep up

- your diet isn't ideal (too little good quality water and organic food)

- your stress level is too high and you're worrying too much (and oh boy, do I know this one!)

Instead of continuing to apply all the wrong products to your body-- STOP! Detox it with organic, whole (not modified or synthesised) ingredients/products. This will rebalance your dis~ease (in this case your skin's protective barrier) and bring it back to its innate health.

Stress And Skin

Let's look at other emxamples.

l) If you don't drink enough good water/natural tea and eat whole foods, it's likely that it will show on your skin.

ll) If you use excellent skincare products and eat healthy but you don't have a good night's sleep, well your skin will show signs of it (most likely not just your skin, but I will focus on the skin part).

lll) Now, it also goes the other way around. If you are big-time in love or feel invincible for other reasons, the one or the other little crease and dry spot on your face (which in 95% of the cases only you see) will likely disappear immediately, despite the sleepless night.

Holistic means exactly that: Looking at the whole picture and not just at a random symptom. And taking into consideration body, mind and soul.

As much as I believe in my products and as much as I am convinced they can help you too, it is not a magic pill! 

They can nourish and support your skin and they can help you build up a strong protective skin barrier. They cannot cure mental stress or fix a suffering soul. 

So, please my darlings, don't let the industry fool you into believing skincare products could do that!

Take good care of you and love yourself!


When You Are Ready To Take Back Control,

why not take your skincare to the next level and learn how to make the most luxurious, organic skincare delights at home, tailored to your personal needs?

Yes, you can do that! And I teach you how, in my MASTERCLASS and EXPERTCLASS.

holistic skincare workshop

Why would you invest time and money into something that is seemingly available in every skincare aisle, priced at only a few Euros?

Short answer: Join my Masterclass to transform your skin in less than 90 days. Say goodbye to harmful, addictive ingredients and gain true independence from the beauty industry's endless cycle.

The ONLY SIGN that you use great skincare products that work is, when you can stop using them and still maintain healthy and radient skin.

If your skin cannot function without the products, the skincare products you use are not good at all.

Read this article to gain more insight.



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