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Luxurious Holistic Skincare: Detox for Radiant Skin

Updated: Jun 25

Luxurious, minimalistic skincare with natural ingredients. Detox your skin and uncover the truth about harmful ingredients.


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Why Are Oil Serums For All Skin Types?

I deliberately avoid product labels such as "for dry skin", "day care", "night care", "pregnancy oil", "make-up remover oil", "form men" etc.

Because I don't think that it contributes to the well-being of our skin, but rather the purse of the cosmetics industry.

Nature is the best "chemist" in my opinion and provides us with the optimal (skin) care that works and that has a long-lasting effect, since it would not benefit nature if we kept asking for more.

Your Skin Type

If you are still using synthetic skincare products you most likely don't know your skin type yet, as your skin is governed and by the intelligently placed ingredients which stop your skin from doing its natural functions in its own rhythm. As long as you use these types of products, you will be a long way to healthy and glowing skin (and hair for that matter).

Many of the commercial product formulations are designed to give you the illusion of short-term and immediate "relief" ( a so called quick-fix) while severely dyhydrating and damaging your skin in the long term.

Why do people design products like that? You've already guessed it, more skin problems means more money for the industry and the more dependent we are, the longer we'll play this game.

The Transit-Phase

To really understand the needs of your skin and what it's missing to be healthy, soft and radiant, you have to allow it to find its own rhythm again and to regulate itself. This only works if you ditch all synthetic substances - detoxing, so to speak.

Drumroll 🥁🎉

If you're genuinely serious and ready for the last skin care routine you'll ever need, give your skin at least 30-90 days to adjust. I know it's hard to change old habits - hang in there and you will be rewarded with healthy and glowing skin for the restof your life!!!

I'll call this luxury brand by its first letter "B". The skincare brand "B" is known for its high end luxurious skincare products.

The serum "The Serum" 30ml is available for 220€.

One look at the ingredients used and it's clear, "B" uses very cheap and rather harmful ingredients. Designed to offer a "quick fix" instead of focussing on the source of the skin condition.


water, silicone oil, phenoxyethanol (a controversial preservative as it is suspected of damaging DNA and the nervous system. This substance is often found in cleaning agents as well). It also contains fatty acid components, alcohol, perfume and other preservatives.


green planet . COSMETICS .

Ingredients: 100% Sclerocarya birrea (Marula oil), cold-pressed, wild-harvested.

So, it is always worth looking at the ingredients and paying attention to the ingredients lists and transparent supply chains.

One Natural Product Takes Care Of:

  • normal, dry, sensitive, oily and blemished skin

  • natural acne treatment, neurodermatitis and eczema (Note: some natural products are more suited than others)

  • hair oil (facial-, head-, body hair)

  • cuticle oil

  • skincare during pregnancy

  • make up remover

  • tattoo care oil

  • genderless skin care

Which Oil Serum Is The Best For Me?

Oil is not just oil, we already know that from the kitchen. This is why oils smell, taste and feel different and have different skin care benefits.

Each plant extract has its unique composition and is a combination of different components such as oleic acids, minerals and vitamins.

Here are a few rough examples, organic Marula Oil is particularly good for dehydrated and mature skin. Organic Baobab Oil supplies the skin with all three omega essential fatty acids, which has a positive effect on the protective acid layer. Organic Black Cumin Oil has a regulating and anti-inflammatory effect. Passion Fruit Oil is a true mineral-vitamin cocktail and Kalahari Melon Oil has a regulating effect and provides the skin with vitamin E. Handmade Soap gently cleanses and moisturises.

In any case, always listen to your skin!

No matter what I recommend, what the internet says, your skin knows best what it needs right now and what it doesn't. If you suddenly find yourself unsatisfied with one product, try another. Perhaps your acid mantle is as good as it can be and instead you suffer from mineral imbalance. Hormones during pregnancy, changing environmental influences, lifestyle - all these things affect your skin and can mean that it needs a little help from the outside.


Moisturiser from my workshop "Holistic Skincare Masterclass"


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