Helsinki, 28.01.2019

This is my first time ever trying black cumin oil and it is easy to see that it's a really high-quality oil. The aroma is really beautiful and the dropper bottle is handy. The texture is luxurious - like a serum but pure, natural oil. Feels amazing on your skin.

Marula oil has almost no scent, so it's great to mix with essential oils to rub them on your skin. Super light texture - even when mixed with tea tree oil to help with itchy scalp it didn't leave my hair greasy. A truly wonderful product!!

Baobab oil is a saviour for dry skin! I work a lot with ink and paper, meaning I wash my hands a lot, which makes them super dry. The baobab oil really helps, I have been using this on my hands in the evenings, to leave it soak overnight and work its magic. No horrible cracked skin any more, but soft and beautiful hands :) 

Frida F.

London, 25.01.19

I´ve been using Black Cumin Oil for the past 2 month and I have to say, I LOVE IT! I mainly use it as a body oil instead of a regular moisturiser and it makes my skin really soft, smooth and sinks in much faster than a cream. I´m definitely repurchasing again once I´m done with my bottle ;)


Helsinki, 28.01.2019


Love love love this soap. It smells beautifully natural, mild and gentle. You can literally feel that it's made with pure oils and ingredients.    It leaves my skin super soft, without drying it like a regular soap does. I use it for my hands and my skin, and I don't need to moisturize as much as I used to.

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