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What will I learn and who is this course for?

This course is for you if

  • You want to switch from synthetic skincare to natural, organic skincare and don't know where to start

  • You are unsatisfied with commercial products, because they leave your skin dry, itchy and wrinkly

  • You want to restore and strengthen the natural balance of your skin

  • You want to understand the composition of different skin care products and learn which products are the best for you

  • You want to understand the issues with commercial skincare and learn new approaches and start with simple DIY recipes


With just a small time and money investment you can start immediately!.

Investment: 44€

Time: 45min.

What will I learn?

The online courses are designed to give you an understanding of the different composition between commercial and natural skincare. You will get an idea what the ingredients mean on your store bought products and how they interfere with your skin's wellbeing.

This information is included in every online course. Depending on the course you choose you also receive a Bonus DIY Recipe to get you started immediately.

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✔ Introduction into natural and holistic skincare

✔ How comercial skincare products effect your skin's health

✔ My professional and personal advice for alternative product choices


✔ DIY skincare recipe and instructions

✔ Alternative ingredient suggestions and a choice of essential oil blends

Step by Step Guides
for healthy and glowing skin

Select the tier level that best aligns with your needs!


Step into the radiant world of natural skincare with my first-tier online class – a brief journey into the secrets of naturally glowing skin awaits you. As BONUS and depending on the onlice course, you receive a DIY skincare recipe and essential oil blends to get your skin wellbeing started immediately.


Uncover the secrets of natural skincare alchemy and liberate yourself from the industry. Craft your bespoke and luxurious skincare products (like natural moisturiser, sunscreen or soap) with a step-by-step video guide, a ready-to-buy shopping list with my supplier recommendation. And all you need to know to make your personalised, healthy skincare at home, that re-balances your skin and makes it smooth and radient.


Limited seats available.

This online workshop covers all previous tier levels and a live 90 minute live online class. Ask me anything that's still unclear in regards to the manufacturing process or the ingredients. Because I know from experience, it's sounds all so easy in the workshop and when you're at home, trying to re-create the recipe, it just doesn't quite work. Take advantage from my expert knowledge and save yourself valuable time and money. On top you receive a 15% voucher for all online shop products and online workshops.

Start Your Wellbeing Journey Now!

I offer you help to empower yourself. Liberate yourself from the claws of the industry and take back control of your skin health!

Marie, Masterclass

“I appreciate this workshop so much and I love your products. My skin doesn't need anything else anymore, so amazing!"

Anica, Masterclass

"I LOVE YOUR MOISTURIZER! My dry, sensitive, sensible, prone to redness and couperose is after just 6 weeks so healthy and stabel like ever before![...] this skincare somehow changed everything."

Max, Basic's 

“[...] I never would have thought that there is so much to look out for. Now, I always check the label, thanks for that! Ps: Deo Cream is great, I love the smell.”

Take Back Control of Your Skin Health

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